Monday, 5 March 2012


A month ago I got these Bio Sculptured Gel Nails made:

Btw, it is my hand with the shorter nails, unfortunately I don't have long nice nails :D. Anyways! The technique is that the nail technician will first polish your nails, then glue on a fake white tip, and apply a gel layer on the nail which will dry under an UV light. When it has dried the technician will apply a thick coat of gel over your nails, which will then dry and the layer will be polished off to look thinner and shinier. This will be followed by another coat of gel, that is also left to dry. To be frankly honest, I am not sure what the different layers were meant to do, I only know it took 45 minutes, costed me 40 dollars, and I ended up with a French manicure, that made my nail slightly thick.
Right after I walked out of the salon I was worried that if I touched something, or cleaned something, or was lifting something heavy, that the nail would come off. The technician had told me that I could do everything as I normally would and that it could last up to a month. And in all honesty I have never had any issues with it - the surface has not been damaged and the nails have not come off. I decided two days ago to get the nails removed, as I no longer thought it looked good on my nails:

Because, as you can see, as my nail had grown it has moved the gel nail up too, which is not noticeable from a distance, but close up it looks bad. A few days before I had the nails removed I did put a coat of nail polish over the nails, however closeup you could see there was a break in the middle of the nail, due to the height of the gel nail compared to the normal nail.
Is it worth it? Possibly, because I really liked to have a french manicure, and it did look good for at least 2 weeks, however it is not something I'm gonna invest in every month, but every now and then it would be nice.
Have you ever had Bio sculptured Gel Nails?

Friday, 2 March 2012

Back Again

Hey peps, I've been so busy at work this week, so I have not really had time for blogging. Though it's weekend now, so I can relax a bit more. Are you doing anything this weekend?
Pictures are from the other day, when the sun was actually shining in Melbourne (Please come back sun!). I paired up a demin dress with a leather belt and leather vintage boots, quite a relaxing look.

Dress/JayJay, Belt/Mango, Boots/Vintage

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Have A Great Weekend

 Cardigan/H&M Shirt/Vintage Shorts/T by Alexander Wang Shoes/Alexander Wang Bracelet/Rubi

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Leave Everything A Little Better Than You Found It

Just wanted to share two of my most used products at the moment - the Essie nail polish 'Brooch The Subject' and the Vanilla-Ginger H&M Lip Balm + I think they fit my table quite nicely, haha :).

I have been using this colour on my nails quite frequently for the last year, and I love matching it with pastle coloured or white clothes.

What is your favorite nail polish colour right now?

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Just Do It Yourself!

I'm the first to admit that I'm not the most creative person in the world - but I'm working on it. Could be something to do with a lack of patience? In any case I constantly get inspired by people in my life, as well as fellow bloggers to throw myself into diy projects. In the following I will show you what is next on my agenda - maybe it will inspire your creativity too!

Pearl Collar Necklace
I got inspired by Because I'm Addicted to make a pearl collar. I'm such a fan of collars, so I'm gonna give it a try.

Gold Dipped Glassware
This is a really simple diy project where you can make a normal glass look more exclusive by spray painting it with gold colour. So chic. I found it posted by Erica on one of my favorite diy blogs - Honestly WTF. The full diy guide can be found here.

Give Old Heels New Life
For a while I've been playing with the thought of giving some of my old classic heels a bit of new life. I found this diy tutorial, also on Honestly WTF, where small jewels have been glued onto the shoe. One can do the same with studs, glitter,or whatever excites you. For HWTF's guide to jewelled heels click here.

Sputnik Chandelier
I have been a fan of (and proud owner of) that IKEA Maskros lamp since it first came out, it's just so light and beautiful, and reminds me of the summer fields when the yellow flowers have turned into white, almost seek through, flowers that spreads in the wind. When I saw this dinner chandelier made from the Maskros on Little Green Notebook I was sold! it looks so nice. You can find this creative (yet rather time-consuming) project here.

Are you doing any diy projects at the moment? :)

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