Monday, 5 March 2012


A month ago I got these Bio Sculptured Gel Nails made:

Btw, it is my hand with the shorter nails, unfortunately I don't have long nice nails :D. Anyways! The technique is that the nail technician will first polish your nails, then glue on a fake white tip, and apply a gel layer on the nail which will dry under an UV light. When it has dried the technician will apply a thick coat of gel over your nails, which will then dry and the layer will be polished off to look thinner and shinier. This will be followed by another coat of gel, that is also left to dry. To be frankly honest, I am not sure what the different layers were meant to do, I only know it took 45 minutes, costed me 40 dollars, and I ended up with a French manicure, that made my nail slightly thick.
Right after I walked out of the salon I was worried that if I touched something, or cleaned something, or was lifting something heavy, that the nail would come off. The technician had told me that I could do everything as I normally would and that it could last up to a month. And in all honesty I have never had any issues with it - the surface has not been damaged and the nails have not come off. I decided two days ago to get the nails removed, as I no longer thought it looked good on my nails:

Because, as you can see, as my nail had grown it has moved the gel nail up too, which is not noticeable from a distance, but close up it looks bad. A few days before I had the nails removed I did put a coat of nail polish over the nails, however closeup you could see there was a break in the middle of the nail, due to the height of the gel nail compared to the normal nail.
Is it worth it? Possibly, because I really liked to have a french manicure, and it did look good for at least 2 weeks, however it is not something I'm gonna invest in every month, but every now and then it would be nice.
Have you ever had Bio sculptured Gel Nails?

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